Each week our club members get the chance to introduce someone to our club. Have you met someone recently that has started a new business in Casa Grande? Are you a member of a sporting club or organization that our members' have not heard about??
I was reading some newsletters from other clubs recently. And they were speaking about some of their past programs. They ranged from a Black Jack dealer from a local casino that came in and talked about the trade and also told some pretty interesting stories. Also another was someone from a Equestrian club that one of the Rotarians was a member of that brought in an actual horse and talked about what their club actually does. I thought, wow, these are very interesting subjects that I probably would not find out about anywhere else in my daily life. It made me stop and think about my own club. We all take out 1.25 hrs from work on Tuesday to come and spend some time with our fellow rotarians, have lunch and hopefully leave either encouraged or with alittle more knowledge about something than when we came. Are we making sure that when our week comes around to host the program we have done it justice and really brought someone that would be interesting, informative, encouraging or do we not think about it until that Monday before and grab the closest thing we can. I do understand people cancel and things come up and sometimes it avoidable. This is why we have a list of speakers/programs available to help. When it comes your time (and Matt Lemberg does a great job in reminding all of us)can you outdo the previous program?? Start thinking now, who could I get?? Remember though, it is the custom of our club that our programs not be political in nature (unless strictly informative)or a direct solicitation for funds. We cannot endorse a candidate, opinion or ballot measure. So, what surprises are out there? Cant wait to see. Thank you for choosing to be a member of the best Service Club in Casa Grande.